Stop Sharing my Photos on Facebook!

ImageSeems like every other day I’m bitching about Facebook, huh? 

I like Facebook, if truth be told. It’s easy to keep in touch with folks, and see pictures of people you love (or don’t) that you otherwise wouldn’t. If you didn’t want to see those pictures, you can always unfriend them, whatever… You manage what you see. 

I have kids, and family all over the country. I like to be able to throw a picture of my kids up there for free, and have family not hound me to mail them pictures from time to time. 

It’d be nice if that’s all Facebook was ever used for, but no… People play games, and to play some games, you need other friends who play games, so people are “friends” with people they’ve never fucking met, just so that there’s someone around in the wee hours of the morning to harvest their crops and collect their rent, and plant some grapes and shave their sheep. 

Now, I’m not shitting on everyone who plays those games. Some of them are fun for a little while, and everything. Whatever. But for all you know you could have just friended some bat-winged forked-tongue jackass with a penchant for little kids. Now he’s looking at your pictures. And MINE because you fucking can’t just look at these pictures, you have to hit “Share”. I don’t need fucking whack-job sheep shaver knowing what my kid looks like.

This is why I don’t mail you pictures cause for all I fucking know, you’re standing outside the supermarket flashing the picture in the faces of everyone who walks by. But see, even that is not as bad as hitting the “share” button, because when you hit the share button, your wall says “You’ve shared Grumpy’s picture” and Sheep-shave gets to click on my profile. And because I’m fucking paranoid, he gets pretty much nowhere. 

But the average chump thinks nothing of posting his location on his page publically. Now the whack job who eats kids knows this kid is somewhere between the ages of 5 and 9 and knows what town she lives in. Next he’s staking out elementary schools, cause you fucking needed your your little bakery supplied with oats at 2am.

You wouldn’t sit down and play chess in the park with someone you don’t know and can’t see. Why would you do it online? You’re inviting these people into your lives and the lives of your loved ones. Cut the fucking shit.