#atozchallenge – HP Printers

I’m irritated with HP lately.

Once upon a time, say four or five years ago, I swore by HP when recommending printers. Their printers were by and large the best. They weren’t bullet proof, obviously, but as far as printers went, they were the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

Enter Windows 7 and the 64-bit architecture.

Many of the older printers, and lots of the new ones too, don’t seem to have drivers that are specifically designed for Windows 7, 64-bit. In some cases there are Vista drivers that work, but in other cases, you’re expected to use a “Universal driver”, which typically has less features, and is really kind of hit or miss.

It’s like they got tired of writing new drivers for each release of Windows, which in fairness I get. I’m sick of re-learning how to do the same old shit with new commands and what not, but… C’mon!

Another favorite is when you go to download drivers for SOME HP printers now, on a machine with Windows 7, the HP website tells you that you have to get the driver from Windows Update. Like… seriously? You can’t host your own drivers? I mean, presumably you wrote them, and then… gave them to windows for distribution, and deleted your copy?

Do you have an HP printer that’s disappointed you recently? I’ve had many…