Because I Just Don’t Fucking Like It!

People love to say how they’re entitled to their opinions, and they love to share them with others too. This is perfectly fine, in my opinion, everyone IS entitled to their opinion… Myself included.

People don’t seem to care when I say I don’t like this sport, or that sport. People don’t have a problem when I say zucchini is fucking disgusting. But for some reason people look at you like you have two heads if you say you don’t like dancing.

I just don’t see the point of dancing. Most people say that if you don’t like dancing it’s because you don’t know how. How can you not fucking know how? You move to the beat of the song, it’s not fucking rocket science. And no, I’m not afraid of looking ridiculous, because the whole god damned group of people look ridiculous.

I don’t get any enjoyment out of it, and any possible enjoyment I could have gotten out of the song that’s playing is ruined cause now I’m fucking tired and sweating.

What is it about dancing that gets people who LIKE dancing so obnoxious? I’m not harrased by people who like bean sprouts, or onions and liver! No one tries to convince me that there’s something wrong with someone who doesn’t like tennis. I’ve never had someone get pissed off at me because I don’t like the smell of cut grass, but I have definitely had people call me names and get pissed off because I wouldn’t dance with them.

Another thing that people get all pissy about is when you say you don’t like something they find funny. I can’t stand Jim Carrey type “comedy”. doesn’t take a comedic genius to do one’s hair up funny, act stupid and talk with a stupid voice. But fans of his will call you all kinds of names just because you don’t find him funny.

Why isn’t it enough for some people, that you just don’t like something? Who cares if it’s something you like, if you like it, good for you! If someone else doesn’t, fuck em! Who gives a shit?!

Is there something you like or dislike that you’re tired of defending yourself over? Wanna tell those assholes to shove it? Please comment and do so, it’s very liberating!