#atozchallenge – Kids should not be allowed on your computer.

Before I get shit about “oh, it’s so good for kids to learn on” and what not, I’m not saying they should not be taught, I’m saying that if you take a computer home from your place of employment, don’t let your kids play with it. We know you do it, and you know who you are! I know about half of you are twiddling your thumbs, whistling tunelessly right now. Cut the shit.

I cannot begin to explain how many freakin facebook-born viruses and “free” video games, and corrupt spongebob screen savers I’ve had to remove from WORK computers over the years. NOW, I don’t mind so much, cause I bill by the hour, but back when I was “in house” it would drive me nucking futs. I had projects to take care of, real things to get done without having to clean up fucking Wizard 101 crap.

Your work computer is not a toy, it’s a tool! You think a carpenter comes home and let’s his kids play around with his nail gun? You think cops walk in the door and drop their god damned gun belt into the play pen?

Protect your work computer. Keep it safe, keep it clean. Just because you didn’t buy it doesn’t mean it was free, and just because you have an I.T. department doesn’t mean fixing it is going to be no problem. It could mean the difference between you hitting your deadlines or not, and if you don’t, it’s not the I.T. department’s fault.

…Unless they suck of course, in which case, maybe it is.