#atozchallenge – Internet Dependency

I made a similar post a few days back about Facebook…

The internet is vital these days, to almost every facet of our lives. Once upon a time a letter two two days at best to get from one coast to another. Now it’s typically around two seconds. This is a tool that industry has used to springboard from one era, to one completely different and infinitely more dynamic.

Sick days are far fewer, or at least days people call in on which they are ACTUALLY sick anyway. People may still call in as much, but the reality is that the sniffles don’t stop you from getting work done the way it used to. Most people have computers and an internet connection at home, and can get some work done.

I myself work from home almost every single day, and when I’m sick, I feel like a louse when I call in, because I could sit here and do my job with only marginal inconvenience, as opposed to sit in bed, and let my co-workers stress out over the added work load.

From within the office, the internet can be the ace in the whole, or the lynch pin. If it’s there, you come out shining. If it’s not, you’re in deep shit. Now that everyone CAN get it now, they want it yesterday. Without an internet connection, that’s simply not possible.

I’d like to know, have any of you NOT suffered from an internet outage at some point, be it professionally or personally? And I don’t mean “OMG NO EMAILZ!” I mean like really inconvenienced yourself. Took a long trip because you didn’t get the cancelation email, or didn’t get the flight change information, etc… ?