Shouldn’t Technology be Better by Now?

I can’t think of a single person that I know, who isn’t participating in technology. We use it constantly, every day, for things we could never do before. We have people flying around in the sky in fucking six-ton metal boxes with a few hundred other folks, and it’s all happening because of technology.

Commuting, surgeries, communication, research, warfare, engineering, genetic mapping… All this shit is happening because of some technological break through, and without today’s technology, we’d be nowhere.

Why then is shit still breaking down?! Why can’t someone fucking make something that just fucking works!? I can’t even buy a fucking flashlight with the fucking button working SOMETIMES. Even really expensive flashlights fucking fail!

Why are computers still crashing?! You mean to tell me since the first fucking computer screwed up a punch card that all computers for the rest of existence were doomed to have occasional failures? Seems pretty ridiculous to me, it’s been almost 70 years that we as a people have been making computers, and they still fucking fail and “act funny” sometimes.

Why are batteries still dying? Why can’t I buy a fucking cell phone that lasts more than a day and a half on a single charge? Every damn phone that comes out is a million times more awesome than it’s predecessor, in reverie (TYPO! And I’m not fixing it, because it’s mentioned in the comments.) fucking way EXCEPT for the battery life! We get an extra hour out of a battery and we think it’s a gift from god!

We’ve been conditioned to expect things to be mediocre, and we’re handed this crap and when it fails people just shrug and go “eh, time for a new one anyway”.

But the problem is us, not the technology. We’re content to live with substandard stuff, as long as it does cool things for the unfortunately short amount of time it works fine. I tell you what though, it scares the shit out of me when I go to the doctor and I see a little six-year-old Dell Optiplex small form factor computer with crud-caked fan grates, zip tied to a pole and wheeled around the hospital on a battery unit. Someday that thing is going to have an inconvenient problem, and someone’s going to die because we’re too busy pushing technology to do the next big thing rather than focusing on getting it problem free.


Gmail’s Right Click Preview is Gone

Google’s Gmail has a feature called “Labs” which you can access by going into the email settings. Within labs, you can enable funky functionality to enhance your user experience. Sometimes these “labs” get approved as a fantastic piece of functionality, and written into scripture as a main feature within Gmail. Other times they get scrubbed out.

One such lab that was fantastic, and everyone who used it loved was the “right-click preview” which allowed you to right-click a message, get some options like mark as read, archive, delete, reply, etc… And you could read the first bit of the email.

Used to look like this:


Can’t fucking have that anymore, it was too god damned useful! They scrubbed the lab,and replaced with a simple piece of useless shit right-click menu that allows you to mark as read, archive, and delete.


As if that didn’t suck enough, they added a bunch of tabs in, and divided our inboxes into different categories… Depending on what kind of mail (that Gmail THINKS it is) it goes into a different tab. Things from blogs and Facebook go into “social” where forum notifications go into “Forum” etc… And with this dumbass change, they added “Move to tab” to the right-click menu.

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t like the tab names, tough shit, you can’t change them. You can’t add your own either, so if you have a favorite person you want a tab for, tough shit. They go where Google says, you don’t like it, hit the fucking road.

Clearly, they must have expected some folks to fucking hate the tabs, so you can turn them off and just go back to a simple inbox like every other useful fucking email reading platform.

But wait! Remove those other tabs, and you’re back to NO FUCKING RIGHT CLICK ACTION WHATSOEVER! NOTHING. No labs, no built-in right-click for the simple “archive” function… You get nothing, cause fuck you.

Don’t wanna use the new toys? You don’t get to use the old ones either.

What the fuck Google? That Lab was not only fantastic, but useful for YEARS! You can’t make a god damn right-click menu that just fucking works with the same functionality? As if it’s not bad enough that you couldn’t give the preview users a fucking heads up, you’re basically saying this:

We’re taking away this option thing that people love, and cutting its legs of. You can use the version we’re creating with a quarter of the functionality. Oh, and BTW, you have to use our newest TABS feature if you want even this watered down version. Otherwise, you should go back to Windows Mail.

Thanks a bunch, jerks!

I’ve used Gmail’s web portal for YEARS, and I’ve always enjoyed when they made “improvements” before, so I have to make myself believe that they’re going to fix this shit soon, otherwise it might be time to re-evaluate my options.

Pictures snagged from here: