Microsoft is Shoving Windows 10 Down Throats

I’ve been using windows 10 for a month or so now. I installed it pretty much the moment it became available, and I wasn’t disappointed.

That being said, I wasn’t blown away either. I really had no problem with Windows 8 to begin with… So the start menu was the whole screen… Now it’s all the same shit that was in the windows 8 start area, just jammed in an area the size of the old start menu. Is the simple fact that when you click the button, everything on your desktop goes away really THAT unsettling to everyone? Your stuff is still there, you just can’t see it for a minute!

Well whatever – so now Microsoft is making Windows 10 download to computers that aren’t joined to a domain, as a “Windows update”… EVEN if you’re not going to install it, the files download and sit there, taking up space.

Sure, a few GB really isn’t that big a deal these days, but isn’t a little bit obnoxious that you have to stay vigilant to prevent this from taking space on your system? I HAVE seen systems not work with 10, that worked fine when they were on 7… so it’s not like they can claim that upgrading will not make anything stop working… It totally can, and there are definitely users out there who are not capable of stopping it from happening.

Anyway, I hadn’t bitching about anything in a while, thought it was high time, so… there you go.