Gmail’s Right Click Preview is Gone

Google’s Gmail has a feature called “Labs” which you can access by going into the email settings. Within labs, you can enable funky functionality to enhance your user experience. Sometimes these “labs” get approved as a fantastic piece of functionality, and written into scripture as a main feature within Gmail. Other times they get scrubbed out.

One such lab that was fantastic, and everyone who used it loved was the “right-click preview” which allowed you to right-click a message, get some options like mark as read, archive, delete, reply, etc… And you could read the first bit of the email.

Used to look like this:


Can’t fucking have that anymore, it was too god damned useful! They scrubbed the lab,and replaced with a simple piece of useless shit right-click menu that allows you to mark as read, archive, and delete.


As if that didn’t suck enough, they added a bunch of tabs in, and divided our inboxes into different categories… Depending on what kind of mail (that Gmail THINKS it is) it goes into a different tab. Things from blogs and Facebook go into “social” where forum notifications go into “Forum” etc… And with this dumbass change, they added “Move to tab” to the right-click menu.

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t like the tab names, tough shit, you can’t change them. You can’t add your own either, so if you have a favorite person you want a tab for, tough shit. They go where Google says, you don’t like it, hit the fucking road.

Clearly, they must have expected some folks to fucking hate the tabs, so you can turn them off and just go back to a simple inbox like every other useful fucking email reading platform.

But wait! Remove those other tabs, and you’re back to NO FUCKING RIGHT CLICK ACTION WHATSOEVER! NOTHING. No labs, no built-in right-click for the simple “archive” function… You get nothing, cause fuck you.

Don’t wanna use the new toys? You don’t get to use the old ones either.

What the fuck Google? That Lab was not only fantastic, but useful for YEARS! You can’t make a god damn right-click menu that just fucking works with the same functionality? As if it’s not bad enough that you couldn’t give the preview users a fucking heads up, you’re basically saying this:

We’re taking away this option thing that people love, and cutting its legs of. You can use the version we’re creating with a quarter of the functionality. Oh, and BTW, you have to use our newest TABS feature if you want even this watered down version. Otherwise, you should go back to Windows Mail.

Thanks a bunch, jerks!

I’ve used Gmail’s web portal for YEARS, and I’ve always enjoyed when they made “improvements” before, so I have to make myself believe that they’re going to fix this shit soon, otherwise it might be time to re-evaluate my options.

Pictures snagged from here: 


I Fucking Hate Acronis Just as Much as Backup Exec!

In my epic (and seemingly futile) quest to find a backup software that just plain works, (which started a while back with this post about Backup Exec) I happened to find a client who’d purchased Acronis backup SBS somethingorother for exchange and server blahblahblah… 

I configured a backup to USB for data, and another backup to another USB drive for exchange. And it worked for a little while… these two backups were two different modules, mind you… an installation for exchange, and one for server. 

Of course, like anything I start feeling good about, it stopped working, and there was no indication why. I contacted support, and they made me uninstall and install the latest version. This didn’t work. So they had me install a half dozen “hot-fixes” for windows and for it, and whatever… Nothing. 

Now… This is the (very very) abridged version… But the client ran outta dough, and it just kinda sat in limbo for a couple of months… REALLY hate leaving things like that, but consulting is consulting, after all. I got him something that worked for the time being, but wasn’t very robust. (just a robocopy… which Ironically is short for “robust-copy”). 

Eventually, we started the support thing again, and again, I had to remove and reinstall the fucking latest version. This of course required a few server reboots, and as any IT consultant for small businesses knows, you can’t just bounce a server in the middle of the day… so it took a few days to get to where “It should be working”. …also known as where “it should be working but fucking doesn’t!”

SO, infuriatingly, tech support has to defer to developers to weigh in. Should “be a couple days”. We never heard back. The company gets a few jobs, cash begins to flow, and I start chasing this bullshit again. Guess what I get to do? Remove, reboot, reinstall, reboot, reconfigure AGAIN!


Dude, WHAT THE FUCK!? It’s just a backup, why is this impossible?! 

…I have a theory, that the big name backups are pushing folks away from local onsite backups, in favor of online, monthly subscription backups, based on Data Size. 

I’d rather they just stopped selling bullshit that doesn’t fucking work, and offering shit support. Just fucking sack up and say “Yeah, we don’t wanna do that, go with this product instead” instead of wasting my time and patience, and my clients’ money! 

What do you do for backup? Does it work??