My First Hour with Windows 8.1 Preview

Let me first say, I’m not really unhappy with Windows 8. Really doesn’t bother me to hit the windows key to get to the “Metro” or whatever the place with the tiles (or charms) are…

I use Windows 8 for several different devices. I have a laptop and a desktop, both of which are Dell and running Windows 8 pro. I also have a Surface RT running 8 RT… On my desktop and laptop, I seldom use the metro. I go in to start-up programs and such, but once they’re up I typically pin the icon to the task bar, and don’t have to go back in there for it anymore.

Still, being curious, I was intrigued. I went and downloaded it, expecting an “update”, like what a Windows Update would be. This was a little different from what I’d expect.

First, you download a patch and reboot. Then you’re able to log in and go to the store, and download the 8.1 preview. It then installs, and it reboots several more times. The process (on my laptop) took around 1 hour. This might as well have been a whole OS upgrade… Which I suppose, it sort of is.

Now that it’s installed, I have a windows button, just like old times. …huzzah?start button

Now, I know this was a big deal for folks, but like I said earlier, I really didn’t miss it. Hit the windows button on the keyboard, no big deal… And I don’t think this is really what people wanted, to be honest… they wanted a button that brought up a little menu with a list of their stuff. This one just opens the metro.

Again, I don’t care, so whatever.

Another thing, I can make HUGE “charms”.

large tiles

Huzzah again… (read as: big fricken deal).

Another thing that makes me frown, is this:


E-freakin-valuation?? I realize of course that this is there because this is not the “full release” of 8.1, but if I have a problem activating my OS again after this evaluation build expires, I’m going to be furious.

All that said, I can’t really comment on much else, as my tablet is still updating, which is the device I use the Metro most on. I’m expecting to have some good experiences with that, as you can dock more than one thing on the screen…

Other than that this whole process has been a big old: Meh.

But again, it’s only been an hour, and I’m hoping that things like start-up is faster than it had been, it’d ground down to a glacial pace during start-ups.

Have you gotten it? What are your thoughts?