Rate my #$@?!

This is just a quick rant.

I am really sick of being asked to rate apps and things or take customer satisfaction surveys. If I am at your website downloading drivers, chances are you do not really want me rating your products. If I am calling support, something is the working right, and I am not like you to be happy.

Rule of thumb: no news is good news. Believe me, if I was unsatisfied with your customer service, you’d hear it. Otherwise just leave me the hell alone!


4 thoughts on “Rate my #$@?!

  1. You know what annoys me most about those surveys? I you put in ANYTHING other than a “Best” answer, they want you to explain WHY?! WTF?! If they did *exactly* as I expected, they’d get a “Fair” rating. If they go beyond my expectations, *then* they’ll get a “Best” answer!

  2. Back in the day, when I worked for a giant, multi-national instant photography company who shall remain nameless, I was introduced with a statistic on customer satisfaction:

    When a customer has a good interaction with your product, they tell two people.
    When they have a bad interaction with your product, they tell seventeen people.

    No news is good news indeed!

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