Don’t Give God The Credit!

So here’s the deal. I’ve had a few beers. Heavy ones, around 10%. I’m likely to be one-sided and single minded in the rest of this blog post, but hey, that’s my right. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments, that’s your right. That’s why I created this blog. Fuck you.

I’m feeling a little bit cynical and jaded tonight, and trolling around on twitter, looking at people’s blogs, if they have them in their profiles… I come across this one from a lass in GA… Lilpeachsomethingorother.blogspot.something… I dunno.

Anyway, it’s some piece of whiny bullshit, about how two people at work are at odds with one another, but she’s friends with them both. Every so-often one or the other comes to her and starts complaining about the other, and she’s totally ashamed about how sometimes she participates. She wants to find some way to stop without alienating one or the other.

She goes on to say she gets daily emails from some bible website or some crap, and got inspiration from there. Good for her, I say. She forwarded these words of wisdom to the two idiots at work, both of whom agreed it was great not to judge, etc…  She found her out. Good for her.

My beef is that at the end of the post she thanked god for sending this email.

C’mon. Seriously? God didn’t send you the god damned email. Some fucking website did that has 20,000 other such generic fucking fortune cookie crap quotes queued to send. The owner of the website will be LONG dead and gone before all the fucking emails are done being sent, and a bazillion people will be thanking god for sending them between now and then.

God doesn’t send email. If you even choose to believe there is a god, you have to admit: he’d work differently. It’s not like he did nothing until some jackass invented the internet, and then email, and then all of a sudden he could work his frickin magic.

If you choose to believe in god, and I’m not saying whether or not I do, don’t thank him for sending you email. Thank him for giving you a fucking brain so you can realize you just coincidentally got an email that made you realize you already knew what to do.

Tell the two of them to cut the shit. Alientate them both, I say. Sack the fuck up and tell each that you like the other and they can fucking deal with it, end of fucking story. If they suddenly don’t like you because you’re a stand up person, they weren’t real friends any fucking way.

Man, this shit makes me mad. “Thank the guy who I believe made me, because I don’t have to stand behind my own convictions now!” Bullshit.

You feel like an asshole, because you’re acting like an asshole. Feel like a good person because you acted like a good person, not because you tricked a couple of shitheads into burring the axe!

God, I hate people.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Give God The Credit!

    • Eh, the whole point of creating this blog is so I can unleash my ire without people arguing with me. I’d rather give them the chance to read it in this anonymous fashion, and sit quietly as they realize it pertains to them.

      Much less headache for me this way. And after all, that’s what it’s all about… Me, of course.

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