I think it’s safe to say I missed the end of the A to Z challenge. I think that’s ok though, I got in some good posts on 3 different blogs and met some folks who didn’t ask me to diagnose their email connection to Outlook problem.

This little hiatus has given me the chance to relax a bit, digest some information, internalize and come to some conclusions. Things, I think that are necessary for us introverts to experience from time to time. You damned humans wear us the fuck out. Don’t take it personally though, it’s the nature of the beast. Most people (it seems) like to talk, and want to know what I think. 9 times out of 10, I just don’t give a shit, but that’s not the opinion you wanna hear, so I have to fire up the ol’ creativity forge and spit out some bs. Or, I just tell you I don’t give a shit, and you have to live with it.

You’d think after a few times, you’d stop asking. Isn’t the definition of futility trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

On a side note, I’m tired of cleaning up spyware. Jesus, stop clicking stupid shit! “Uh Oh, ur machin is infeckted, click here to fix it!” This shit still fools you? C’mon. If you know you have Norton anti-virus, why would you believe a freakin popup from XPANtivirus 2012?

On another side not, a friend of mine works in a fairly large IT consulting firm who hires the most ridiculously stupid people to staff the help-desk. I’m convoked that this friend of mine hasn’t been promoted, because the tickets would stop getting resolved. Anyway, the group of friends we both belong to has started a blog for him: http://helpless-desk.com/ It’s a little spartan now, and if you’re easily, or even semi-easily offended, you might wanna steer clear. It gets a little graphic.


6 thoughts on “Welp.

  1. HATED it!? Uh oh. Another Grumpy IT guy, and this one's because of me! I'll be around a bit more. I've been feeling my irritation level creep up lately. I think it's time for some venting.

  2. Welcome back GIT guy – I missed you! If I get any IT problems I have 2 resources – Andy who lives here (in Tenerife) and my brother-in-law (on the other end of a "log-me-in" thingy. I enjoy your grumpiness at a distance – it's more amusing than the grumpy old man I live with!

  3. Well thanks! I wasn't sure anyone would even notice me missing. 🙂 I'd much rather do support via log me in (or that type of remote access). Some people have disgusting keyboards. Few things worse than sitting at someone else's computer, grabbing the mouse to find it sticky or clammy.

  4. I have seen those fraudulent antivirus pop ups look *exactly like* Norton pop ups.Assholes really go a long, long way just to make the rest of us pissed off. What the hell is wrong with people?

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