#atozchallenge – Jerks in I.T.

I.T. guys sometimes get a bad rap for being assholes. Sometimes, they just are.

It’s common that they tend to forget, the user CANNOT do their job without some help from them. I get irritated when I.T. guys act like they’re inconvenienced by the fact that there are problems to deal with.

…had there been no problems, you’d have no JOB!

With that having been said, please give us I.T. guys a break. We’re not ALL bad, but it’s very common that the few bad apples spoil the bunch. Like this guy:

I do occasionally say MOVE! though…


12 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Jerks in I.T.

  1. I must say our IT guys are great, they never make you feel like an idiot and even though I am when it comes to computers and programs, they always are ready to help and fix things.

  2. Every IT guy I ever had to deal with was always very nice. It probably helped that I kept homemade cookies available to anyone who stopped by my work cube. ☺ Enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more. Happy Wednesday! ☺

  3. I remember meeting a systems programmer years ago who told me "my system would run fine if you guys wouldn't run your damn applications on it!" How do you give a guy like that a break?

  4. My husband does IT tech support and he's a saint for it. I handle customer service account management for my job, which dabbles into helping CEOs and high level executives with password retrieval and general website navigation. Those are the most frustrating calls for me because sometimes it requires getting real basic: See the big blue box? Take your mouse and put the cursor over it. OK, are you there? Now click. Did you click? OK what happened? Yes, you need to click now, not later.OMG. I feel for you tech support folk because it doesn't end when you get home. Your mother/sister/neighbor's friend all have some "computer problem" that you are probably just itching to fix for them. My heart goes out to you. May you be on the receiving end of many home baked cookies.

  5. LOL. I have SOOOO met that guy! IT guys and handyman guys….same boat. "I really thought I could figure out how to hang this ceiling fan by myself…." (which is now on the floor with a huge hole ripped in the ceiling because it fell down) We actually carry tools now when we visit friends/framily because we KNOW something needs to be fixed. I feel for ya. lol. Great job with the Challenge. I'm doing it, too! http://cubbyholes.wordpress.com

  6. Very nice. I love it when the IT guy tries to make me feel like I'm in his way with my pesky PC problems, which I'M NOT ALLOWED to repair on my own! That said, I've made my share of stupid errors…it happens!

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