Dust, the Silent Killer

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Computers get hot, and to counter act this, it’s got fans. As anyone who has ever seen a fan that’s been used for a week or two will tell you, they get dirty, and when they get dirty, they don’t work as well, and they are loud.

However, people don’t tend to think about the fans in their computers. They get dirty as well. They also get loud and inefficient when this happens. When your desk fan suffers like this, you’re only a little inconvenienced. When your PC fans suffer like this, you’re looking at possible (probable) hardware damage.

It’s very important to get a can of compressed air (which you actually need a valid ID to purchase in MA! Guess kids were getting high off it too much…) and open the case (after having properly turned your computer off and unplugged it!) and blow the crap out of there! I suggest doing this every four to six months.

Other tips, keep your PC off of the floor, especially if you have rugs, and PARTICULARLY if you have pets. Dogs, cats, etc. wreak havoc on PC fans. Fish and snakes, only if you stuff them into the fan physically…

How many of you do this on a regular basis? Don’t lie to me, I’ll find out.


15 thoughts on “Dust, the Silent Killer

  1. I do this maybe once a year, but only when my computer gets loud and overheated.This is good advice, and I really should do it more often, before my computer starts giving me issues.

  2. Hi Kyra! Yeah, I've seen some pretty bad ones in my day. Those bad ones, when I'm cleaning them out I am always reminded of the dust cloud kicked up when the towers in NY fell. Worst part is, I'm allergic to dust!

  3. HI,Sorry, don't know how to take mine apart. That must be why it is noisy when I Skype with my daughter. OOPS. I am allergic to dust, too. I try not to disturb it too much. Ha ha. Thanks for the info, though. Maybe I can get someone else to do it for me. Ya reckon? Regards to you. Ruby

  4. I usually cleaned my previous computer when I noticed dust on the back of it (it sat on my desk, so I could see this). I'm currently working on an iMac, and I'm not sure it's possible to clean it with air.Erin

  5. My current computer's fan has stayed surprisingly clean since I got it, which is rather disconcerting. I'm pretty sure my PC has become self-aware. To counteract this, I've started taking the lint from the dryer and stuffing it into every PC orifice.That's right, I said my PC has orifices. Deal with it.

  6. Ah yes, I've seen the inside of my computer. Shameful. Apparently not enough guilt to clean it regularly though. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge blogs in April.

  7. I own a can of compressed air. It was vital for my old PC. Haven't used it on the new laptop yet. I expect I'll wait unitl it's unavoidable. Laziness never seems to work out well for me, and yet…new follower,moodMoody Writing

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