14 thoughts on “Closed Accounts

  1. Hello Grumpy IT Guy, I used to have a lot of fights with the IT peeps in the various organisations I worked with. But you sound like you are reasonable and know your stuff. Good tip on closing e-mail accounts.

  2. Thanks! Fighting with the IT department is all to common, and all together avoidable, if they let you avoid it. Hmm… I think I just found my F post. And here I thought that post was going to just be four letters long… Thanks!

  3. Very valid. I hate it when I email someone at a company regarding a valid business concern, and my email is bounced back to me with no explanation, forwarding information, or assistance.I found you from the AtoZ challenge nice to meet you.

  4. That should be the way to handle closed accounts, but unfortunately some companies don't exactly follow the rules. Great A-Z post!Nutschellwww.thewritingnut.com

  5. Hi Margo, It's almost rude, right?? It's so easy to plan for, and accommodate, yet people overlook it, more often than not. It's like a show of disrespect to the folks who might be emailing.

  6. Thanks Dot! This challenge is lots of fun. This blog is one of three that I'm running in the challenge… However, I'm in disguise here, so I can't really recommend my other two blogs. I only hope you make it to them at some point! πŸ˜€

  7. Hello DL, Sadly, depending on the ilk of your staff, there are those who will NOT recommend it, and thus have less work to do, and plan to hide behind "What, I followed orders". Far too common.

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