Fucking Follow-Up to SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Bullshit

So. The active directory integration fucking failed, but the existing domain controller still had the name of the one I was installing, and had it listed as a domain controller.

What’s worse, the fucking new server took over ALL the fucking operations master roles, and I had to seize them back on the old domain controller.

So if you find yourself in the same fucking boat, here’s what to do.

Format the new fucking server, and while that’s going on, cause god knows it can take all fucking day, go into the existing DC, seize all the fucking roles back, and remove the new DC that you’re formatting from AD.

If you can, it might be a good idea to start the whole god damned goat-rope all over again… remove the fucking migration shit from the existing DC, and install it again, giving the new domain controller a new name if possible.

Once fucking Windows was installed, by the way, I had to reinstall fucking exchange too. It was in a different partition, in a components folder. Fuck you, Dell. Fuck you.



SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Bullshit

Those of you who speak Microsoft may know what I’m talking about when I say Windows Small Business Server… You may even be able to empathize with this post.

I am at a client right now installing a new windows 2011 Small Business Standard server, and it’s my first one. They currently have a SBS 2003 server, and there’s a migration process that is new to 2011.

First, you pop the 2011 install disk into the source server, and you run the prep tool. This is pretty cool, because it performs several tasks that prepares Active Directory for a new domain controller, that you used to have to take care of manually before. Neat feature.

Once that’s done, you create an “Answer file” on the source server, and save it to a thumb drive, that you then plug into the new server. When you start-up the new server, you can start in Migration Mode and it will take info from the answer file on the thumb drive, and the migration then happens.

If you find yourself in this situation, BEFORE you turn on the fucking new server, minimize some windows on the source server after running the fucking migration preparation tool. In behind everything that’s up on your screen is a god damn notification that you need to reboot the source server for the prep to complete. You HAVE to do this, or your fucking migration will fucking fail. THEN you have to format the fucking new server again, and chances are you’ll have to contact fucking Dell (…if you use dell, that is) for the fucking drivers for the fucking raid array.

Fucking Fuck. Best. Fucking. Saturday. EVER.


Why Am I Blogging?

As I’d mentioned, I am an I.T. guy, and have been for over ten years now.

I was once a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving guy without a care in the world. I skated through high school, and into college, where my laid back attitude got me tossed out. Apparently college is harder than high school. …who knew, right?

Anyway, I landed relatively on my feet in the land of I.T. It was a little more complicated than that, but those are the main points of the story.

I’m starting to get pretty fucking angry about I.T. When I started out, it was fun. I liked knowing the answers to everyone’s questions. I liked being the go to guy. I enjoyed being relied upon, and getting the thanks when things started working again. It was fulfilling.

I took classes that my bosses paid for, and I shined in. The subject matter was easy, it all made sense. I didn’t fall asleep in class like I did in physics. I frequently marveled that there were people who would pay me to do this shit, that I found so easy.

The nature of technology though, is change. Once you learn something, they change it up, and you know what can be done, but you have to learn the new way of doing it. It pisses me off. I get comfortable with something, and blam… it’s different. Gotta relearn. Why change it? It worked! It did what we needed and it was solid. Now it’s different and new, and has software bugs. Gotta wait for the service pack, but you have to upgrade, cause the old software isn’t supported anymore.

They call it progress. I call it bullshit.

Every time you roll the god damned boulder up the hill, it rolls back down, and you gotta start all over again.

The day-to-day of IT is just as bad. Same problem users, same problems. There’s never a finished product, nothing that will last at least. A carpenter gets finished with his work, and can take pictures of it, and admire it. A job well done. When I’m done, the best I can say is that nothing’s malfunctioning. The software or hardware is doing what it’s supposed to do. Everyone can get back to their status quo.

Sure, there are projects that can be done for clients to make their businesses function well, and you can stand back and people are going “Hey, this is great!” and yes, that does feel pretty good… but you know that all you did was follow instructions. The software has requirements that are spelled out, and you followed them. Big frigging deal. You can read.

So you glean as much satisfaction out of the project well done as you can, and then in three years, it’s obsolete and you have to figure out how to do it all again, with new bullshit software.

I guess I’m just sick of it. Obviously, every job has its problems, and after a while I’m sure I’d get sick of doing just about anything that isn’t limited to collecting money and being lazy. But, I don’t have to rationalize it, I have a blog where I can blow off steam and piss and moan. For now, that’ll have to do.